Dr. Steven Sparta is a nationally-recognized expert with more than 30 years experience. He has received wide and frequent acknowledgement for professional excellence. His independent practice includes services to the general public for both adults and children, and services to the court or attorneys in legal proceedings.

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Adult, Child & Family Services

Clinical Psychology Services

Adult, Child & Family Services

Dr. Steven Sparta provides psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, mediation and consultation regarding a broad range of psychological problems, attempting to individualize services to the special circumstances of each person.

Psychological evaluation of adults or children

Psychological therapy for adults and children

Consultation & educational services

Mediation or parent coordination

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Attorney Services

Forensic Psychology Services for Attorneys

Attorney Services

Dr. Steven Sparta has consulted on a broad variety of complicated psychology-law matters, including confidential consultations to attorneys about civil, personal injury, family law, guardianship, criminal and others applications.

Psychological evaluation in civil cases

Family law mediation and evaluation

Case consultation, expert witness designation

Expert opinion in malpractice, ethics cases

IME and QME psychological evaluation

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