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Dr. Sparta is a nationally recognized expert with more than 30 years experience. He is dedicated to providing services of the highest and most ethical quality, placing the interest of the client first and foremost.

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Attorney Services

Attorney Consultation for civil, personal injury, family law, guardianship, and criminal cases

Attorney Civil Consultation Services

Dr, Sparta is regularly consulted on a broad variety of complicated psychology-law matters, including confidential consultations to attorneys about civil, personal injury, family law, guardianship, criminal and others applications. He has frequently been appointed by the Superior Court of California to conduct psychological evaluations of adults or children, as well sometimes conducting psychological evaluations by joint agreement of both attorneys, or by retention of either plaintiff or defense counsel regarding their respective clients. He is frequently invited to make presentations to lawyer groups, particularly in family law. He has taught or supervised law students as well as psychiatrists and psychologists through through Adjunct Professor or Clinical Professor (Vol.) appointments at schools of law or medicine, and psychology departments.

  • Psychological evaluation of both adults or children in civil cases where psychological functioning is an issue, including personal injury matters
  • Psychological evaluation, mediation and psychotherapy in family court, juvenile court or probate court, including court appointed services
  • Case consultation, expert witness designation, review of other expert witness opinion
  • Expert opinion in malpractice, ethics and standard of care cases
  • IME and QME psychological evaluation

Adult, Child & Family Services